with Nancy Safford in Sedona, AZ or Southern France

Shamanic Journeying

By learning to do this timeless technique of shamanic journeying, usually to a drumbeat, a person will meet and establish a lasting connection with a personal helping spirit to whom they can ask for guidance at any time when they have questions. This guide can be a specific animal, an angel or a spirit helper from the upper worlds and the relationship can be ongoing for a lifetime.

Soul Retrieval & Clearing

This ancient shamanic healing technique helps a person restore balance in his or her life. Soul retrieval is done when lost parts of a person’s soul essence have “broken off” during any kind of stressful life situation such as: trauma from abuse on any level – physical, mental or spiritual, from the loss of a loved one, a divorce or a car accident, when in each case the pain was so great that a part of their soul essence broke off – carrying the pain with it – so the person could endure being in their physical body. Soul Retrieval brings back the lost pieces that have escaped to other realities. When they are welcomed back and integrated, it allows each person to feel more present, more whole.
In person or from long distance (talking after by phone or email)

Past Life Regression

A person is led on an inner journey to explore one or several past lives so they can understand and learn from past events. By integrating this new knowledge and insight, a person may release old limiting, possibly reoccurring patterns to create a new life experience within himself or herself.
In person, by phone or Skype

Psychic Readings & Intuitive Counseling

People are invited to gain insight into many of their life issues with the broader perspective of this “reading.” Information might be revealed about their finances, relationships, health or anything else that can be playing out in his or her present life situation. This session may also give them a new, and possibly a better understanding of their inner gifts, their life purpose and destiny path, if they do not already know it.
In person, by phone or Skype

“Codes of Being” Retrieval

This session is one Nancy has been guided to offer individuals recently. It is about retrieving a lost “Code” the person once buried somewhere safe in the Earth, long ago, that belongs to them. It was to be retrieved if/when they had forgotten their truth and sunk from their once higher consciousness. Nancy is able to tune into this physical location, take them to this place, find the ancient Code for them, and then place it in a designated place in their body. It will assist them to raise their consciousness level. This session can be done either in France or Sedona, depending on where they have heard the call and if Nancy is in that place.


Nancy offers personal ceremonies on the land, either within the Sedona landscape or special places in the Rennes Le Chateau area of southern France, when she is there. The ceremony is based on what an individual is experiencing in his/her life. She also offers ceremonies based on the Priestess, an honoring of the great feminine, with a very specific Priestess initiation for an individual who is ready.

Intimate Journeys in Sacred Sites: Sedona, Arizona or Southern France

Connect more deeply with the elements of nature during personalized retreats, tours and individual ceremonies. While visiting places of great stillness and beauty, people have been transformed after quiet moments or days of surrender. Many experience a more peaceful sense of themselves – and the universe – from the distinct qualities of each magical place: a timeless grotto or an ancient thermal spring once dedicated to the Goddess in France, a highly situated French Cathar Castle imbued with mysteries of the Holy Grail, or the breathtakingly mystical Sedona Red Rocks carved millions of years past from oceans that have come and gone.

Nancy invites you to choose the place where you feel called: from a famous Red Rock vortex in Sedona, Arizona to the Holy Grail mysteries of southern France, that might include the legacies and special places where Mary Magdalene and the Holy family walked, or high castles of the Knights Templar and the Cathars…and much more.
From three hours to three or more days