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A Magdalene Awakens, Hidden Temple Secrets

“A Magdalene Awakens, Hidden Temple Secrets”, is a true story that will lead you on an adventurous journey to places you may not have experienced before, beginning with those in the outer world, the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, ancient sites in Glastonbury, England and then southern France, the famous Rennes Le Chateau area. Here you will step into unseen worlds still active with timeless beings and ancient temples, where secrets have been guarded for millennia, now being revealed for the world to see and know.

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A Visionary Biography ~
“Nancy Safford’s story is one of evolving into the self she was meant to be, of following clues from the spirit wherever they lead. Along the way, she also recounts her personal story on the material plane. She is a visionary, and not just one who sees into the other realms but one who then follows up and becomes a citizen there. She has much to tell! It’s a page turner!” ~ E. Oakes

“A true journey of passion based on the hearts innate desire to find out why they are here and what is their purpose. Encouraging, inspiring, this story is a model for women looking for courage and strength on their personal journey to self. A must read for women on a spiritual path seeking a deeper meaning to their existence and their essence.” ~ M. Wilson

This video is Part One of an interview that was made of Nancy and her new book . . .