Private Journeys

Southern France or Sedona, Arizona

Connect more deeply with the elements of nature during personalized, private journeys, retreats, tours and individual ceremonies. Nancy invites you to choose the place where you feel called: the timeless Red Rock vortices of Sedona, AZ or the Holy Grail mysteries of Southern France, that might include experiencing places where the legacies of Mary Magdalene and the Holy family, the Knights Templar and Cathars are still alive. . . and much more.

While visiting places of great stillness and beauty, people have been transformed after quiet moments or days of surrender. Many experience a more peaceful sense of themselves – and the universe – from the distinct qualities of each magical place: a timeless grotto or an ancient thermal spring once dedicated to the Goddess in France, a highly situated French Cathar Castle imbued with mysteries of the Holy Grail, or the breathtaking Sedona Red Rocks, carved millions of years past from oceans that have come and gone.

~ You will know which place is calling to you ~

The journey that I took with you remain deeply imbedded in my soul – images, awakenings and experiences that have been transformational, answering a deep soul-need. ~ Mary, London

Nancy Safford private jourenys Sedona Southern France