About Nancy


Nancy Safford is an author, her new 2017 book is titled, “A Magdalene Awakens, Hidden Temple Secrets”. It is a spiritual memoir/adventure story full of magic and mystery as Nancy steps between different worlds. Earlier in her life, as a photojournalist, she published her first book, before creating her own research institute that pioneered holography (the 3-D image called holograms) in New York State schools. It was a new interdisciplinary approach to education. Then she curated a show each year at the New York State Museum to display these holograms, titled “Holography In The Classroom.”

After moving to Sedona, Arizona, Nancy became a professional guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with their soul essence by direct experience. Since 1996, she has assisted people to explore the famous Red Rock vortices and also began facilitating women’s circles as an ordained Priestess of the Mary Magdalene Mysteries, after she was called to explore her feminine self. She began guiding people on life-changing pilgrimages to sacred sites in southern France as a bilingual guide, so they could experience a more conscious, authentic relationship with their true inner spirit. For women they were invited to identify and reclaim part of their lost feminine selves.

During personalized retreats or journeys people are transformed by the distinct qualities of each magical place: a timeless grotto or thermal spring once dedicated to the Goddess in France, a highly situated French Cathar Castle imbued with mysteries of the Holy Grail or the breathtaking Sedona Red Rocks, carved millions of years past from oceans that have come and gone.

In fact, Nancy had been called to explore the mystical Languedoc in southern France to expand her own consciousness and learn about ancient legacies hidden in the land. Her primary focus was on Mary Magdalene who is closely aligned with these legacies and whose essence and memory were left there thousands of years ago when she walked and taught. Nancy’s quest soon included both the famous warrior monks called the Knights Templar, who carried back mysterious treasures from the Holy Land, and the Cathars, who possibly were carrying wisdom of the Essenes, both whose mysteries are still alive in the land.

Nancy is also a shamanic healing practitioner, and introduces shamanic journeying so people can have lasting connections with inner spirit guides that can be allies for a lifetime. She is a clairvoyant reader and offers past life regression and personalized ceremonies. Her different sessions include shamanic soul retrieval to help people integrate lost parts of their soul for a greater sense of wholeness in their lives, past life regression to help people connect with significant past lives to help understand a present life situation, and psychic readings or intuitive counseling whereby clients may gain a new perspective on their lives with information on their life’s purpose.

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