Presently on the planet, we are all being asked to step beyond the veil and discover what has been hidden from us. Many claim that the “ascension” energies are rising, those energies that will bring us closer to the source of our highest consciousness. Thus we are being asked to look more deeply at the legacies we each carry within us, to what we see about ourselves that can guide us to our core nature.

Our life is like a pilgrimage, one that takes us to the essence of our soul self to influence our destiny. A higher spirit can speak to us in many different ways, like a calling or a mysterious feeling that beckons to us, if we are listening.

Many travel to sacred sites around the world hoping to be touched by experiences similar to those who have gone before: as Bernadette and the sacred waters of Lourdes, the ancient priestesses of Avalon in Glastonbury, England or to the ancient lands of southern France where Mary Magdalene walked and taught. Some are called to the magical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona to be touched by the famous vortex energies.

Many places hold powerful energies on the planet, where others who have gone before lived spiritual lives and remembered. Now these places are calling us again, ready to assist those questing to awaken, to remember and to find meaning in their lives.

I offer sacred journeys each year, private sessions and retreat experiences on some of these mystical lands, because I too have been one of these questing people. Now I invite you to join me; we can walk together once again.